About Us

According to a study performed by DiversityVC, most venture-backed startups are still “overwhelmingly white, male, Ivy-League educated and based in Silicon Valley.”  Too little investment goes into companies started by minorities and women.  At The Cranium Incubator, we believe that it is crucial to focus on helping startup companies which were founded by people of color and women. 


Joe Beverly, Founder

Joe Beverly, founder of The Cranium Incubator, has a strong desire and passion to help under-represented entrepreneurs grow their business ideas. Joe has been a member of the Atlanta Technology Angels and an angel investor since 2013. Having seen hundreds of presentations and made investments in over 15 startups, he has seen easily avoidable mistakes founders make when seeking investment. At The Cranium Incubator, we can help you avoid those mistakes.

Orkide Agayar, Director of Operations

In December of 2019, Orkide Agayar graduated from Mercer University with a Masters in Business Administration. Orkide always hoped she could use her degree to contribute to change for a better world. While working with Joe Beverly, the idea for The Cranium Incubator was born, a project which excites Orkide as she works toward helping to give the unheard voices of women and minority founders a platform to grow.
I am excited to be a part of this journey/business where the mission is to help entrepreneurs who are women and people of color thrive. The more helping hands we have, the stronger of a community we can build for all.

I’ve known Joe for four years.  During this time, I learned he has a bottomless pool of knowledge and experience on the nuts and bolts of running a business; one he is always willing to share.  Joe makes the time to listen, understand and help, without judgment or a hidden agenda.  Adding to this his extensive network of relevant connections, optimistic worldview and a can-do attitude, means Joe is one of those rare individuals every entrepreneur needs to know.

Arik Hananel

CEO, FUSMobile, Inc.

Joe is the best mentor I’ve ever had.  Although he is not a subject matter expert in our business, he asks questions until he understands a problem and then discusses various potential solutions.  I always say to him, “We’re so lucky to have you.”

Jelena Vukasinovic

CEO, Lena Biosciences

Joe invested in our company and joined our board in 2017.  The idea we pitched back then isn’t what we do today, but the two years of having to adapt, iterate and figure things out molded our company into what it is today.  You need investors/advisors who have your back and believe in the team to persevere through those difficult years.  Joe has definitely been there for us.  No matter the time of day/night, if I call or email Joe, he always answers — That should tell you everything you need to know.

John Cole

Co-founder, AffirmHealth

I have worked with Joe Beverly now for almost a year.  Joe led the due diligence and the investment round into my company, MooveGuru.  During the process, Joe was available to answer questions and give advice on how he thought we should present in our ongoing discussions with the interested investors within the ATA (Atlanta Technology Angels).  After completing our Series A round, I asked Joe to be a part of the MooveGuru board.  Joe has been a great sounding board and is always available to bounce ideas off of.  He is quick to respond to any questions I have and will give thoughtful, well-intentioned responses to my inquiries.  A great leader and now, a great board member.

Scott Oakley

Head Guru, MooveGuru

Over the last few years, I’ve known Joe as an investor and board member of NuGen Systems.  He has been a great source of advice and encouragement while being a very pragmatic sounding board to the team on a variety of issues.  As a successful entrepreneur and an active angel investor, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to any new entrepreneur all the way from starting a company, developing a plan, raising money, running a startup and exiting.  For any entrepreneur starting out, Joe is a great guy to know and have on your team.

Venus Desai

NuGen Systems

Joe Beverly has been integral to the development of ActivEd.  He understands the start-up landscape and provides sage advice to help us navigate the challenges of a young company.  His presence on our Board continues to be an extremely valuable voice as we transition to a larger disruptor in the Edtech space.

Dr. Julian A. Reed

Co-Founder/CEO, ActivED

We help underrepresented founders increase the chances for getting their startups funded and learn critical lessons about running their business.